4 Miles by TRASH | Track Review

WHEN: 21.08.2015
WHERE: Clue Records

Ahhhh my babies are growing up. Clue Records have been one of my favourite labels since starting this whole reviewing lark and with a roster boasting NARCS, Forever Cult and Allusondrugs it’s really not hard to see why. All three bands deliver good material and sound great. Nowadays however there’s a new guy on the block as TRASH, a dream-pop band from Chesterfield have joined the ranks and also have some sounds for us in the form of their new single 4 Miles. It’s like a more realistic version of The Proclaimer’s song, who’s really gonna walk 500 miles? Get a train or something.

4B Miles lives up the dream-pop sound of TRASH as floaty guitar chords are strummed to form a nice blanket for some sweet Cure-esque melodies to huddle up on as they gaze quietly at the catchy drum beat. The vocals meander through the hazy atmosphere like a half asleep human trying to navigate back to bed after having to get up to go for a wee, and overall the result is a track that sounds simply wonderful. It’s not quite as loud as the other three members of the Clue Records’ roster but it does offer a lot of the accessibility that has allowed them to take off so good over the last year or so.

Clue Records continue to be dead good with their decisions, and TRASH appears to be just another good decision from them. 4 Miles is a great little tune and yeah, TRASH are great. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, interviews and musical garbage check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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