Plastic Love by Say Yes Dog | Album Review

WHEN: 04.09.2015
WHERE: Diskodogs Records/Cargo

Nothing like returning from Reading Festival and remembering you have access to a shower and something that actually has a toilet seat. Another great something to remember is that Say Yes Dog’s Plastic Love is out! Yay! These guys absolutely blew me away with their single Stronger not too long ago and I’ve been impatiently waiting for the release of this album ever since. The track is easily one of the standout tracks of the year, and gets me moving in a way that could probably offend a couple people. But nevermind, it’s still good!

Plastic Love kicks off with Talk, an upbeat number that gets things going with a simple drum beat alongside some summery synthesisers and some disgruntled bass to create an intro that eventually eases its way into becoming a beautiful musical butterfly. Say Yes Dog do a great job at building up the momentum and tension on this track, quickly toning things down for a momentary second to allow some extra synth sounds to seep inside before the track explodes with a chorus that absolutely grabs you right in the genitals. It’s an awesome moment and once the swooping siren kicks in the dancing shoes will most certainly be on. Awesome, awesome song.

The hits keep coming as How kicks in with a beat that is so infectious that it could become the main villain in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. The band throw down all sorts of percussion and synths into the instrumental that it could even get Hot Chip feeling a little jealous. This track and the rest of the material on Plastic Love are so superbly put together that it gets me dancing my little socks off while also appreciating the band so much more. It’s so good. New single Plastik takes a slightly darker route with some deep rooted bass striking into the instrumental to only allow slight beeps of noise to come from the synthesisers, creating something that heads down a different path while also retaining a lot of the anthemic dance-y vibes the album has delivered thus far.

You Want My Love gets things a little steamy as its slow pace allows synths to form a nice backdrop for a sexy amount of bass and percussion to do their thing while the vocals work brilliantly at getting the pants tight. Girlfriend is another sexy affair that makes me picture a scene in which I’m at a club and have my eyes locked on to a lovely looking lady and I’m walking towards her while the track plays, and closing track Focus rounds everything off with an instrumental that certainly says goodbye in the best way possible.

Plastic Love is a fantastic album from Say Yes Dog. It’s full of moments that will keep you dancing forever and ever and it’s just the perfect feel good record. These guys are definitely going to be ones to watch for the future, but for now, just enjoy the moment. Get into this. Stream the album below, and for more music reviews, interviews and Hi Millie and Susie check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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