In My Brain by Drunk Lips | EP Review

WHEN: 30.05.2015

Lips are a pretty wonderful part of the body in my opinion, but when they’re drunk is a completely different story. Drunk lips can result in a hit or miss evening for a person as they prevent any anxiety or hesitation from stalling anything that comes to mind. Such as a particular view on a person or situation, or the sudden urge to tell somebody you think they’re really hot. The latter has happened to me far more than just the one occasion, but it doesn’t matter, some of those times it kinda worked, the other times…not so much. The worst case of drunk lips I’ve had involves an ex-girlfriend of mine, who I had texted bigging up our formerly excellent sex life because it was dead good and I thought it would be a good idea. It wasn’t, especially after saying that her vagina was “well good”.

Anyway, Drunk Lips are a four piece from Toronto and this is their debut EP In My Brain. I found these guys after rooting through Everything and the Kitchen Sink’s directory (Hi Nikki) and digging their name. These guys perform a kind of punk music that’s rampant with heavy riffs and a whole load of attitude, and it sounds awesome. Opening track Dionysus kicks things off with a steady build-up of riffs and drums before the band let loose with all kinds of volume and general badassiness (great word). The energy is full of thunder and the crashing cymbals get me feeling angry. It’s a fantastic song and one that not only punches you in the face repeatedly but also gets you punching yourself in the face repeatedly.

Just Hysteric continues this wild case of self-harm as instrumental and vocals syncopate nicely to add some surprising stability to Drunk Lips’ sound. Sick Euphoria clocks in at a longer four minutes but maintains a lot of the pace displayed from the previous tracks. A slower paced riff pairs up with a simple vocal hook alongside some nice riffage and melodies to allow the track to sound much more of a well-rounded rock song than a straight up punk uppercut to the dick. The result works very well as Drunk Lips reveal that they are great at delivering melodies as well as straight up gnarly power chords, and it’s given me a little bit of a crush on them.

Danger Zone allows me to quote Archer every single time and closing track I Wanna Go features a fantastic instrumental that sounds like it would make for some great late night driving, or a sweet Western montage or something. In My Brain is a great freaking EP from Drunk Lips. The band have revealed a sound that is full of energy, great hooks, riffs and an attitude that makes you wanna freak out and become best friends with them.

In My Brain is like the response you were dreaming to receive after telling an ex-girlfriend that her vagina was “well good”. Not only does it mean that your ego becomes sky high, but it’s also the one thing you’ll return to frequently when you wanna think back to a great time. And Drunk Lips do deliver a great time. Stream the EP below, support the band and for more music reviews, interviews and more confessions of personal stories check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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