Another Planet by Mike Gale | Album Review

WHEN: 08.08.2015
WHERE: Battle Worldwide Recordings

Some people have all the productivity in the world and it makes me so jealous. Mike Gale is one of those people. The frontman for wonderful pop/folk band Co-Pilgrim has been making a ton of music over the years, and Another Planet is yet another addition to his ever-expanding discography. Having already released a solo album in the form of Finger Bone From Swan Wing Mike has not only decided to create another one but there’s also going to be a new Co-Pilgrim album out in October. Mental, though that does make me very happy, I love Co-Pilgrim.

Another Planet is as much more intimate evening with Mike Gale. The songs are primarily filled out by the acoustic guitar with some hints of drums and a whole load of reverb, creating something that doesn’t sound quite as grandeur as Co-Pilgrim but still retains a lot of their sweet, sweet sensibilities. Opening track Cylindrical Fire Escapes is a wonderful escape into a world that boasts a forever shining sun and a humidity that chooses to hug you rather than moisten your brow. Sweet strums of the guitar combine with Mike Gale’s forever enjoyable vocals before additional melodies are thrown in for good measure. The track is a superb way to spend a lazy day, and I wish all my days were lazy.

The title track picks up the pace slightly as a lo-fi riff washes over the airwaves with a surprising bout of energy which is boosted by some sweet tambourines and even better vocal hooks. The album speeds through with Hey Crow and You Could See Me Then coming and going so soon, contributing some slightly stranger sounds before delivering more acoustic-y goodness.

Mike isn’t afraid to let the album sink into some distorted territory either. While the acoustic guitar is the instrument he succeeds at, he does allow tracks such as Open Paw head down a much rockier path as an intense riff dominates proceedings alongside Mike’s vocals to create something that sounds oddly uplifting. It’s kinda like being inspired via running through a field of razor sharp grass or something. It does make way for the lovely little diddy called Tinahowever, making everything okay.

Another Planet is a superb album showcasing the talent of Mike Gale. This guy really knows how to throw a song together and is also open to allowing them to explore different routes and avenues to create something that’s varied by entertaining. I am beyond stoked to hear the new Co-Pilgrim record, but I would be more than happy to settle with this record this year. The new Co-Pilgrim record will be called Slows To Go and it’ll be released sometime in October. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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