An Interview With… | Lady Flint

The coolest thing in the world to me is getting to interview bands. Obviously I’d like to hang out with them over the course of a weekend either getting drunk or getting high and sporadically blurt out some questions this method is still pretty cool. Today’s Interview With… features Lady Flint! I love Lady Flint, they are a badass duo from France who play a kind of blues rock that pummels and cuddles your genitals simultaneously, and that’s awesome. Once again this interview is very cool, and I must say thanks to Lady Flint for being cool enough to A these Qs! Check out their new album Hard Time below, and enjoy! For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

Hey Lady Flint, how’s it going? Hi there! We’re fine! We just finished a wild session in the oven that serves us as rehearsal room. We’re relaxed and wet. And now it’s time for a little cool beer, in company with Exploding Head Syndrome… isn’t life beautiful?

Could you enlighten the British people with the story of how Lady Flint came to be? Once upon a time, in the French city of Marseille, there were two disturbed rockers: a thin guitarist named Tony and a fat drummer named Dav. They both had played in various bands, in styles ranging from Psychedelic Blues to Punk. One day they met and jammed together. The noise they made was so dirty and thick that they immediately decided to make a band on the theme of “roots, rock n’roll and pizza”. Then they lived happily ever after and had many riffs.

Your new record Hard Time is dead good. What made you decide to move on from making EPs and head into the album route this time round? Thank you for the compliment! Last year, when we released our first EP, our priority was to have some recorded music that would help us to promote and to gig quickly. We didn’t want to spend 6 months producing a full album. Yet, we already had a lot of songs and we had to make some frustrating choices to pick five out of them.  For the second record, we chose to take our time and to give ourselves a larger area of expression. But EP format is nice as well, especially for lazy dudes like us…  

Was there an added pressure in the studio to produce a greater number of songs in order to fit with “traditional” album length? Not really. We’re not the type to feel pressured… Everything is done in a very chilled way. We’re a true DIY band, we compose-play-record-mix by ourselves. So we don’t owe anything to anyone. We only try to have fun. When things work, that’s ok. When they don’t, we do something else. (Drink another beer, for example).

How’s the music scene in France? Any recommendations? The French mainstream scene is a bit crappy, like anywhere. But there is a load of awesome underground and underrated bands here. Just in Marseille, the indie rock scene is truly alive and you can see 2 or 3 badass shows almost everyday in the little venues. We can’t give any recommendation, good friend-bands are too numerous and we would forget some of them.

What’s next for Lady Flint? Touring, recording, new single/EP/album? We’ll be back on stage in September. We are currently booking some dates in the south of France and we hope we’ll also manage to bring our noisy stuff to the north: Paris, Belgium, and UK… Lady Flint in your town, soon? Stay tuned buddies! Our album will be released in vinyl format around October (it can be pre-ordered on our bandcamp page), and we scheduled some new studio sessions by the end of the year. Some new video clips are coming, too!

Have you been losing your shit over Game of Thrones as much as we have? Yeah! By the way, to celebrate the release of our new album, we wanted to get our own dragon. But it was complicated so we got a crocodile instead. We bring him to the shows and he eats people. Be aware.

Finally, if you could make one elusive little comment to close out the interview, what would it be? Support your local scene, support the small indie bands, go to their shows, buy their records. And also, fuck. Fuck a lot.

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