Still Water by Double Headed Jester | Track Review

WHEN: 05.07.2015

The best thing about doing this whole reviewing lark is making connections. Without a doubt it’s so cool being able to have first conversations with people be “hey, I’ve got music, wanna check it out?” and usually I’ll try and respond in a way that makes me appear cool and laid back via a “Hey man, yeah alright, no chill” which hides my internal bout of fangirling nicely. A joint best thing about doing this whole reviewing lark is helping out your pals, which is exactly what I’m gonna do here today. Still Water is the new track from Canvey’s Double Headed Jester, who you may remember gracing EHS a couple months back with their debut single Lily’s Getting Lippy. I very much enjoyed the track in all it’s distorted, sexy goodness and felt rather inclined to reveal a little more adoration towards their new track too.

Still Water heads into a much more urgent direction as the band kick off with a guitar riff that sounds very ballsy and almost Americana like. I was almost expecting fireworks and a bit of the ‘MURICA fever to come along and punch me in the face but luckily that hasn’t happened yet. Double Headed Jester allow this track to kick up a storm with a flurry of drumbeats adding a touch of disco to the foundation while the guitars contribute some additional melodies to it to complete what has a very well rounded listen. It’s fun, catchy and full of energy that makes writing this review at 1am all the more worth it.

Double Headed Jester have come forth with three tracks since forming and all three have been pretty kickass. Still Water is the latest reason why you should go check them out and yeah…just check them out. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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