Stronger by Say Yes Dog | Track Review

WHEN: 16.07.2015
WHEN: Diskodogs Records/Cargo

Say Yes Dog is a Berlin-based trio and this is their latest single Stronger. I’ve been trying to teach my two dogs (Millie and Susie) to say yes for years now and it’s never worked. The closest we got to a breakthrough was a slightly confused “ye” that came from Millie’s mouth but it turned out to be a very short warning of immediate vomit. Nevermind, I can always fondly remember that moment in The Simpson’s in which Santa’s Little Helper said the word “chewy?” to help Homer become a great food critic.

Fortunately Say Yes Dog’s Stronger sounds nothing like vomit or short warnings of impending vomit as the trio showcase a fantastic display of electronic goodness all over the place. If I had to relate it to vomit then this track would be like projectile vomiting a rainbow or something. Wonderful waves of synthesiser bounce up and down the airwaves which steadily increase into an ocean of colourful, danceable water alongside some excellent falsetto vocals – setting up a great beginning. The rest of Stronger continues to build on the momentum by adding in some additional synths and some deep rooted bass that pushes everything into full blown “get dancing” mode which has caused this white boy to shake his hips in a manner that’s probably deemed unnecessary and slightly off-putting.

Stronger is a fantastic song from Say Yes Dog and is one that’s gotten me so excited for the trio’s debut album. The track is a wonderful dance tune complete with beats, hooks and all the replayability in the world. Definitely one of the best songs this year. Check out the video below and look out for Say Yes Dog’s Plastic Love on September 2nd. For more music reviews, free downloads and reviews involving references to pets check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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