An Interview With… | Falling Stacks

Ayyyyy! It’s another An Interview With! I must say it’s made this reviewing lark much more enjoyable being able to go “Hey, wanna do an interview?” to bands and more importantly having them actually provide me with answers. It’s awesome. This time around it’s an interview with Falling Stacks! A punk rock trio who have continued to blow my mind with the craziest material over the years and it was certainly a case for their debut album No Wives. It’s a fantastic album and the interview itself is pretty darn good too! They even provided their own orange coloured words too.

Please do have yourselves a good little read and support Falling Stacks by checking out their Facebook and Twitter pages. Also while you’re in the supporting mood, don’t be afraid to check out the Facebook and Twitter pages for Exploding Head Syndrome too. Thanks, I love you.

Hey Falling Stacks, how’s it going? J – Hi, all good here thanks.  Is weird at the moment as to the naked eye we haven’t ever been busier, posting reviews and trying to flog records, but actually this is our laziest period since we formed as we aren’t gigging at the moment, or writing, so actually don’t need to get together at all.  Has been a nice break, but we are planning on being a proper band again shortly.

Could you please regurgitate the story of how you guys came together? J – I was in a band with MM.  G was in another band.  I liked G’s band so started going to their shows, and casually kept pointing out they needed another member until they let me join.  Then someone left, so there was an instrument switch-around, then someone else left, so MM was drafted in to get us back up to three.  Then the last guy who left re-joined, so we were up to four, then he left again. Back to three.  No one has left or joined since then.  

Your debut album No Wives is excellent. What made you guys decide to trek down the album route rather than continue producing EPs? GR – Darren at Battle Worldwide Recordings said it would be a good idea and agreed to pay for some parts of the process… 

J – Yep, we were actually pretty against it, as small bands have a habit of breaking up straight after releasing their debut album, as you pour so much in, then after there is a natural breaking point before you start the whole process again.  We thought just releasing EPs would give us longevity so we pushed against it.  But then you realise download only EPs aren’t really a thing, and you have to put something more tangible out to get anyone to take notice, so we had a crack at recording 8 songs to add to a 3 song EP we had already done, and liked it enough to put out as one.  And now we really love it.

Was there an added pressure regarding having to create extra material to fit the traditional length of an album? GR – We had 11 songs ready, one was not very good once recorded, so we dropped that one and the album became a 10 song album. Until Battle suggested us doing an LP we didn’t think we would do one, but we always write new songs, or re-write old songs that have fallen by the way side, so we were ready with the material, a couple of the songs on the album we’ve been playing for 2 or 3 years now – some were box fresh. But it’s really nice to put together a long format recording – on very-yellow vinyl with a black goat on the cover.

I’ve always wanted to know, how do you manage to make your music sound so chaotic but direct at the same time? Because it’s rad. GR – I think we’re all conscious not to make songs or sections of songs go on for too long, we’re continually shortening bits, but then we keep the same amount of changes in the song – so the final thing can feel likes its continually falling over its self – like a four year old on a scooter going downhill next to a busy road!

J – All of us really like straight up scuffy indie, bands like Pavement, Sebadoh, Wedding Present, Superchunk, Brakes etc so whilst a lot of reviews have called it post-hardcore or whatever, we are really just trying to make super-sloppy guitar songs that make you want to shake it.  So there tends to be a pretty structured, melodic element, uually the bass part, then the other bits can just free swim over the top.

Have you been losing your shit over Game of Thrones as much as we have? GR – No, never seen it – but my girlfriend who is on the board of directors for a charity called Mothers 4 Mothers has been given a signed box set which she is currently trying to sell to raise funds for the charity – if you know anyone who’s interested let us know…
J – Never seen it either.  Still surprised to discover it isn’t an Xbox game. 

What’s next for Falling Stacks? Touring, new single, EP, album? GR – No not an album just yet, the process for that is more painful than you’d think. We’ve got some shows lined up for November and we will continue to write songs and meet for lunch. 

J – We are aware we haven’t done many of the things you are meant to do when you release a record due to all sorts of boring diary issues, so we are going to try a bit harder from autumn.  But not too much harder. No one likes a band who tries too hard. 

And finally, if you could make one elusive little comment to close out this interview, what would it be? J –  Don’t kill lions.

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