An Article On… | Tame Impala

Sometimes in music there’s not a lot to look forward to, and July is unfortunately in the awkward spot between the sunny “yay it’s summer/let’s release all the good music” utopia of June and the “Yay! Let’s go live in a tent and not wash for a week while attempting to not get punched in the head by over excited audience members in moshpits” enthusiasm of Festival Season, also known as August. July is sadly the middle child of the family, the guy in a group of friends who’s here more for making up numbers rather than bringing any social integrity into the mix, the mash of the year (I don’t like mash).

So as you’ve probably guessed there’s not a lot to really talk about in terms of music releases for July 2015 as there’s only really one bright spark in amongst the short, not hugely exciting list. That bright spark comes in the form of Currents, the third studio album from the eccentric but extremely accessible psychedelic rock band, Tame Impala.

The Australian band have been steadily dipping into the spotlight for many years now, as there’s something about their mix of heavy hitting guitar-driven rock and atmospheric illustrations of weary synthesisers and frontman Kevin Parker’s airy vocals that sounds so darn good to a lot of people. Their debut album Innerspeaker introduced this sound which generally received rather favourable impressions and opinions thanks to such songs as Lucidity and Why Won’t You Make Your Mind? delivering brilliant examples of it in a way that didn’t cater to the casual audience too much, but was accessible enough for pretty much everybody to get into.

This signalled a following that due to numbers remained under fairly cult-like status as Tame Impala hadn’t exactly “hit it” just yet. Innerspeaker was the kind of debut album that set a solid stone for the band to stand out amongst all the others that sadly get washed away, but hadn’t created a mountain for them to stand tall like Arctic Monkeys’ Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not or Vampire Weekend’s self-titled album.

Fortunately Tame Impala capitalised on the momentum with the release of Lonerism. The band battled and emerged victorious against the curse of the dreaded second album by releasing a record that not only contained all of the elements that made Innerspeaker work, but added additional creativity that made it work even better. This time around the singles released in the form of Elephant and Feels Like We Only Go Backwards came by and managed to maintain a level of hype that lasted far longer than Lucidity and Why Won’t You Make Your Mind? Elephant in particular won over a lot of radio stations and brought a lot of attention to Tame Impala with its fantastic combination of beefy power chords and the swirly, whirly daydream of synthesisers.
At this point Tame Impala thanks to Lonerism received a ton of extra fans, a lot of approval among critics from the likes of giants such as BBC, The Guardian, the big time music websites such as NME, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone, and even the blogs at the smaller end of the spectrum such as Exploding Head Syndrome. It was an album that was and still is universally adored, and that’s why there’s a lot of anticipation and high expectations for the release of Currents. The material we’ve heard so far has offered very promising results of another solid, album from these guys, and if everything goes well, Tame Impala can cement their place as one of the modern era’s best bands to date, and also make July feel more than just a number.


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