Visions Of You by Sextile | Track Review

WHEN: 03.08.2015
WHERE: Felte

Blimey, talk about being productive in the run up to releasing your first album. Sextile are a New York/LA trio and lately they’ve been blowing up my inbox via creating a lot of buzz from PR companies and enthusiastic fans of music. Visions Of You is the third single to be dropped in anticipation for their debut record A Thousand Hands towards the end of the month and goodness me, it is a bit moody.

An intense guitar riff leads the way as Sextile do their best at throwing all kinds of wind into caution’s face which is backed up with huge walls of reverb and drums that are forever chugging along behind them. Additional noises and guitar wails contribute to the eerie atmosphere and the result is something that’s hard hitting, murky but also a little groovy too. Visions Of You has a very Bauhaus-y sound to it, and Sextile excel at throwing all their shapes from within the shadows.

Visions Of You is now the third reason why I’m pretty excited to check out A Thousand Hands. While not necessarily sounding like a traditional single; this is a deep cut that brings forth a lot of energy and momentum which will surely allow the album to flow at a great pace. Stream the track below, and look out for Sextile’s debut album A Thousand Handson August 21st via Felte. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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