An Interview With… | Deaf Radio

An Interview With is a series in which we interview various artists who have featured on our blog previously or never ever! Basically, it’s a way for me to fangirl when bands agree to do this. The latest interview comes from Deaf Radio! A Greek rock band who’s track Down On Her Knees did all sorts of good things to my insides. It’s a pretty cool little interview, with “Nothing to do with gardening or pray” possibly becoming one of the greatest sentences ever written. Have a little read and enjoy every single word, support the band by checking out their Facebook page, and also throw some love our way by checking out our Facebook and (increasingly active!) Twitterpages.

Hey Deaf Radio, how’s it going?
Hello. We are fine. Trying to make it in a very hot weather here in Athens.

You guys are quite new to the music industry; could you tell us how Deaf Radio came about? And how the band found its name? It’s a cool name. We started playing music three years ago as 12gafs. Nothing special. Four friends started making music in a DIY basement. Then we realized that we had many things we could share and so we decided to go for it. Two months ago, we changed our name to Deaf Radio. It was mostly a matter of aesthetics. It suited better to our sound. That’s all.

Your new track Down On Her Knees is dead good. What was the story behind it? Is it about what we believe it to be or something like a female getting on her knees to do some gardening, or to pray? Haha. Nothing to do with gardening or pray. “Down On Her Knees” is a song with a contradictory meaning. It refers to situations in which you are offered beautiful things. However, a part of you is not ready or does not want to accept them. Finally, you have learned to live with such conflicts.

What’s next for you guys? More singles/an EP/an album/touring? An LP would be perfect but we think that we should be patient and wait for the right moment. We‘ve got our sound fixed, we‘ve got the songs. We are pretty close.

How’s the situation in Greece right now? Has it affected the music scene a little? It is quite difficult here. But we try get over the obstacles and continue doing what we love. Making music is an exit to this terrible maze.

Have you been losing your shit over Game Of Thrones as much as we have? People here love GOT but we prefer Twin Peaks and David Lynch. The second track of our single, “No Hay Banda” refers to “Mullholland Drive” a movie directed by Lynch.

Finally, if you had to say one elusive little comment to close out this interview, what would it be? We would like to thank you for the questions. Keep up with the good work. Cheers from Greece.

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