Hard Time by Lady Flint | Album Review

WHEN: 31.05.2015

Sometimes reigniting things with old flames is the best thing to do. In a previous chapter of your life you might have found that the flame had distinguished, and that you felt ready to head back into the forest to search for some new sticks. However, when time has passed and the only experiences you’ve had since involve twigs, you know that you should probably return home, because sometimes you find that that original fire has continued to roar ever since. That was far too deep for Exploding Head Syndrome but this is how I feel about Hard Time, the debut album from French duo Lady Flint. We’ve collaborated with them before and very much enjoyed their self-titled EP in the past, and now we’re back in love with them again. These guys perform a ballsy style of rock and roll that’s infused with blues that sticks deeply into their roots, and for the most part, their songs sound awesome.

For an album that boasts ten songs that clock in at the two/three minute range this is a pretty brief listen, but fortunately it’s one that’s absolutely loaded with heavy hitting guitar riffs and bluesy goodness. Confidence Trick kicks off the record with a punchy main riff that pummels all sorts of energetic thunder into your face, and Lady Flint only use this as the foundation of the pummelling. Numerous melodies, solos and drum fills are also thrown into this track, meaning that the only way to properly show your feelings towards it is to have the entirety of your face melted off your skull by the time it ends. Ocean follows up with an even faster tempo and an even more aggressive delivery of power chords, which are bolstered by powerful beats and an underlining desire to have you groove to the track.

No Girl & No Gold proves that you can be simply two people and still create a fuckton of noise, Crocodile is a fast paced, frantic display of straight up ravenous blues rock and Call It Suicide slows things down just a touch to allow some groove and some sway to squeeze their way into the affair. Hard Time is a very diverse record, offering up all levels of bluesy rock and roll at any pace you like, and the result for all of these are pretty freaking good.

Hard Time is a fantastic debut album from Lady Flint, and certainly proves that they can make some goddamn good music. I’ve personally been addicted to this record and have had no choice but to become obsessed with it. My love for Lady Flint has reached higher proportions now, as their music certainly gives me a hard time down below, and I’m hoping we can still be friends. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.



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