Poison by Girl Friend | Track Review

WHEN: 20.07.2015
WHERE: Tri-Tone

Ahhhhhh Girl Friend, how you continue to make me happy. Since transitioning from Elusive Little Comments into Exploding Head Syndrome, there have been a handful of artists who I feel are particularly special. Girl Friend are one of those artists. Ever since hearing their debut single Stop last year we have continued to be blown away by every single thing they release and now with new single Poison out, I might have to think about proposing soon.

Having already released an EP in the form of Arrive Alone, Leave Alone earlier this year I thought Girl Friend would be finished with their output for 2015 but Poisonhas come out of nowhere, and luckily it is a doozy. Deep, deep bass synths pair up with luscious bright synths to create another modern take on the instrumentals of the 80’s, and once again frontman Amory delivers vocal hooks aplenty for this new track.

Poison is easily the most layered track Girl Friend have produced as it is full of synthesisers doing their own thing while they display their talent in keeping it altogether. There are so many hooks present, and all of the twists and turns make this song sound like a really enjoyable case of food poisoning. It’s incredible. Stream the track below, and for more music, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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