Get To Heaven by Everything Everything | Album Review

WHEN: 22.06.2015
WHERE: Sony Music

Get To Heaven is the new album from UK pop/electronic band Everything Everything. These guys have been doing pop music a favour by performing a sound that maintains all of the accessibility pop music has to offer while also cramming it with all sorts of personality. The first and most noticeable personality trait comes in the form of frontman Jonathan Higgs, whose vocals are a tiny bit Marmite but fortunately, I love Marmite.

Opening track To The Blade is a fantastic way to kick off the record as it introduces the listener to the sound of Everything Everything in the most anthemic way possible. It’s like meeting somebody for the first time by wearing a silver suit entirely composed of glitter; sure it’s bold and a little bit unflattering, but it definitely helps melt the ice and leaves a hot impression. The track’s subtle, shy beginning makes way for an eruption of beefy guitar riffs and melodies that thrash like the grooviest shark in the sea. The band throw down all sorts of percussion amongst the chaos, but do allow things to mellow out with the help of some warm, luscious synthesisers. It’s a superb track that does the quiet-loud-quiet-loud-loud dynamic very well, and certainly gets me excited to hear what’s to come from Get To Heaven.

What’s also great about Everything Everything is that their singles are usually very good. Over the years we’ve been treated to some excellent alternative pop songs in the form of MY KZ, YR BF and Cough Cough which showcase the band’s ability to create material that’s well out of the box but still very enjoyable. Get To Heaven contributes two tracks to this little section of Everything Everything’s discography. Distant Past is a fantastic display of solid percussive sections, punchy piano chords and a chorus section that excels at delivering the grooves, and lead single Regret has a simple vocal hook that is really freaking addictive.

With all great pop records comes lyrical content. Sometimes you might have songs that talk about really, really, really, really, really, really liking somebody, and in some cases you might have direct references to death, or current events. Get To Heaven contains a whole load of topical content that could get even the most politically enthused people impressed. Everything Everything does a great job at creating a soundtrack for topics such as the Media’s coverage of the General Election, and the rise of Islam in Iraq by combining these heavy topics with hooks that lighten things up a tad, while also ensuring that the music is punchy, dynamic and really fucking loud at points.

Get To Heaven is a fantastic album from Everything Everything, and is certainly my favourite of theirs so far. It has everything you could ever desire, from sublime production to great lyrical content to instrumentals that sound pretty darn original for the mainstream. Politics has never sounded so good before. It even has a fantastic metaphor in the form of feeling like a fat child in a pushchair when they’re old enough to run. What more could you want? For music reviews, free downloads and I love you all check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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