Down On Her Knees by Deaf Radio | Track Review

WHEN: 25.05.2015

There’s a hidden rule in the music industry in which anything relating to sex or women being sexy is gonna be good. Perhaps this is just a testament to me being a creep, but I find that any music that allows people to get sweaty together is usually going to be pretty darn good. I mean look at Tuxedo’s debut album, that’s an album that’s boner-inducing as it is lady-pleasing. Deaf Radio are looking to do the same thing with their new single Down On Her Knees, which is either something to do with the bedroom or gardening. Pesky weeds.

Deaf Radio are a quartet from Greece and they perform a kind of garage rock that’s dipped in the sweet haze of the desert. Their single Down On Her Knees is an intense combination of the aforementioned as it delivers heavy hitting guitar riffs with pummelling drums alongside a certain level of reverb that allows some charm to seep its way into the mix. The result is a listen that is full of riffs, hooks and most importantly, the ability to get down. It’s awesome.

B-Side No Hay Banda is a slightly heavier affair as the band crank up the volume to enable them to perform riffs that are fuzzier and full of pedal-ness (superb journalism right there) but still maintain that certain level of charm that actually makes me a little bit jealous. It’s deep, dark and brooding tempo is perfect for the single, and closes out what has been a very enjoyable set of songs from Deaf Radio. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them. Stream the tracks below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and tracks that make ya wanna get hard, check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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