No Wives by Falling Stacks | Album Review

WHEN: 08.06.2015
WHERE: Battle Worldwide Recordings

Falling Stacks are a three piece from Bristol, and this is their debut album No Wives. We’ve been very much in love with these guys ever since checking out their EP Dogo Argentino way back in 2013 which was very much confirmed by the time they released following EP Vizsla. The band perform a kind of punk music that’s very scatty, loud and simply bonkers, and fortunately No Wives delivers much more of that quota, this time with extra goats.

Much like The Pop Group’s Citizen Zombie, Falling Stacks’ No Wives is an album that offers very little in the way of a solid foundation in terms of sound, but does do its best at keeping you comfortable. Whereas The Pop Group slipped into some funk for some of their material, Falling Stacks go a little insane instead. Opening track Pool Party features an ear blistering intro before letting loose with all manner of manic drum beats, heavy guitar riffs and a bassline that pummels into your dick. Melodies are performed at a speed that’s unreal and yet Falling Stacks are able to maintain control of the track. The track continues to stop and start throughout and while there’s no real sense of direction it does a fantastic job of simply stumbling to its demise. Like falling down a staircase made of exploding fireworks or something.

This no-formula formula continues throughout the record, often leaving the mind enough space to forget about the need for accessibility but an open mind to appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into creating this mess of sound. Dust Motes is beyond insane, as it goes harder and harder with each smack of the drum while all manner of riffs and basslines are contributing to this rapidly falling snowball. It’s beginning to sound like I don’t like this record at all, but actually I really love the crumbling nature of it all.

Another thing to mention is the grooves that are hidden within No Wives. The basslines are actually responsible for adding a little bit of hip swing into the destructive punk sound, and for the most part it sounds great. Los Ticos features a bassline that is prominent throughout and does allow things to get a little tight in its rhythm, which comes as a surprise after listening to the extremely loose delivery of the previous material. Also, Seven Cuts brings out the best and worst dancemoves outta me. So groovy.

No Wives is another reason why we continue to love Falling Stacks. Their music continues to be just as loose and chaotic as ever but it still manages to deliver on the riffs, the hooks and the sheer velocity of it continues to blow me away. I love you Falling Stacks. For more music reviews, free downloads and yes yes yes check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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