The Avalanche Party by Avalanche Party | EP Review

WHEN: 01.06.2015

Oh man, there is nothing I love more than finding a great new garage rock record. The Avalanche Party is the debut EP from Avalanche Party, an outfit from the wild and bleak ands of North Yorkshire. These guys have already been gaining the attention of radio stations, with their two singles Revolution and Money receiving radio play on the likes of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio, and the launch gig for this EP was sold out. Pretty freaking sweet stuff guys.

Obstacle kicks off the EP with a gritty, RHCP’s All Around The World-esque bassline before erupting with a guitar riff that is all kinds of garage rock. Avalanche Party throw all sorts of hectic drum beats and guitar battering into this track, which keeps the energy high and the dick hard. It’s an awesome, awesome way to start off your debut. This is like experiencing the introduction of your best friend or something, so good.

Single Revolution also hits hard with intense guitars riffs coming and going, eventually slowing down a tiny bit to get things a little discombobulating before reverting back to hitting hard again. Mountains also comes in hard with some sweet riffs paired alongside some nice melodies but suddenly cuts out all of the noise and heavy fists. Avalanche Party convert this track into something that’s quiet, full of melodies and actually pretty darn beautiful instead.

Let’s Get Together sounds like something The Hives could have created in their heyday, and closing track Money sounds like something Pink Floyd should have created had they taken just a tiny bit more acid. The Avalanche Party is a fantastic EP from Avalanche Party. It delivers on its garage rock genre but also compliments their sound with attempts at pop and psychedelic rock to not only add a little variety to the record, but to also showcase their talents. They are really rather good and this is one of the best EPs I’ve heard all year. Stream it below, GRAB IT FOR HOW EVER MUCH MONEY YOU WANT and for more music reviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebookand Twitter.


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