Just Another Lucky Start by Luck, Now | EP Review

WHEN: 24.04.2015

We could all use a little luck in our lives. I like to consider myself pretty lucky; I have IBS and yet I’ve never shat myself. Anyway, Luck, Now is a band from Italy and formed after the demise of What, Really? And this is the new project’s debut EP Just Another Lucky Start. If you like your music to be bright, upbeat and performed by people who really love adding commas to their names then this is the EP for you.

With influences ranging from Weezer to Fountains of Wayne to Green Day, Luck, Now bring forth a lot of sounds that took the 90s by storm. Upbeat guitar riffs are paired up alongside grunge-y drumbeats, adding a little haze to the sunny atmospheres that are created throughout Just Another Lucky Start. The band throw down all kinds of harmonies, melodies and hooks throughout aswell, enabling tracks such as the opener 23rd Floor, P.a.l.s and King Of White Chips to become wonderful representations of the 90s heyday.

Our personal highlight has to be August. This track is an energetic display of a band letting loose on their instruments, and the result is something that display being just under two minutes in length becomes one of the more memorable songs on the EP. Guitar riffs aplenty combine alongside pulsating keyboards while the vocals talk about having all kinds of problems, which is pretty much the perfect topic for this kind of nostalgic sound.

Just Another Lucky Start is certainly a good start for Luck, Now. It’s a record that delivers nothing but good riffs and catchy tracks, which is all you could ask for really. All five of the songs featured are wonderful hark backs to a simpler time, and they kick freakin’ ass in the process. Awesome. Stream the EP below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and 90s kid whaWHAT check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.



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