Antonio Banderas by Forever Cult | Track Review

WHEN: 06.07.2015
WHERE: Clue Records

Okay it’s pretty much agreed that all songs named after action heroes are pretty badass, but songs named after chewing gum adverts heroes are REALLY badass. Forever Cult have produced the trend with their new single Antonio Banderas and it is indeed really badass. Their last track Winter’s Glow was pretty darn good but this time around they have gone all out on the darn and left us wanting to see more Antonio Banderas’ chewing gum adverts, and left us eagerly anticipating their next song Ashton Kutcher.

We’ve become pretty familiar with Clue Records and Forever Cult over the past year, and Antonio Banderas is another traditionally solid effort from the band. Huge grunge-influenced guitar riffs lead the way for the band to demolish any bad chewing gum related reputation to dust while the vocals once again remain passionate and on point. As a result, Forever Cult have got themselves another track that hits hard while also remaining pretty darn catchy too.

Antonio Banderas is a great tune from Forever Cult and once again is another effort that aims and succeeds at knocking your dick off. It would be really great to see the band release an album/EP this year as this song, Winter’s Glow and last year’s Yasmin have all been very good. Antonio would be proud. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and to back our petition to get a song named Ashton Kutcher produced check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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