The Non Conscious Theory by Tosin Kuti | Track Review

WHEN: 09.06.2015
WHERE: The Koup

At the start of last month we held a week dedicated to shedding some light on some local artists which we called #MovementMovement. The five artists featured were all superb and proved that good music can literally come from anywhere, no matter what level of the “music biz” they’re at. One artist we featured was Bara Blaque, a rapper from London who introduced us to The Koup, a group that wanted to send out a message relating to all things politics, society, racism, all pretty important topics that warrant constant discussion. Another member of The Koup is Tosin Kuti, who is also a rapper from London and this is his latest track The Non Conscious Theory.

Taken from his Young Ol’ Head mixtape, The Non Conscious Theory pretty much references every controversial topic throughout, which is quite impressive really. Religion, drugs, police, racism, society all get talked about on this track against an instrumental that contains all sorts of elements from the likes of blues, gospel, RnB which creates something that’s catchy, but doesn’t take much of the spotlight away from the lyrical content. Tosin’s delivery is direct and straight forward, and his flow hits hard which adds much needed emotion to the lyrics.

The Non Conscious Theory is a great track from Tosin Kuti that once again does it job at highlighting all of the problems that continue to exist in today’s modern world. The instrumental is simple but effective enough to add a nice rhythm, and Tosin’s vocals direct everything in the best way possible. It’s awesome, and another great example of why people should get behind The Koup. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and love check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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