Why Make Sense? by Hot Chip | Album Review

WHEN: 18.05.2015
WHERE: Domino Records

Like grabbing one off a plate and burning yourself, it’s Hot Chip! Hot Chip return with their new album Why Make Sense?  And it is a doozy. You might have seen a couple months ago that we went mental over the lead single Huarache Lights so we were extremely excited to hear what else the English band had to offer.

Huarache Lights kicks off the album in a big, big way as Hot Chip add in some elements of house music into their sound this time around. Booming walls of synthesiser build up the beat in a tremendous way, and the band throw all sorts of hooks into it. The robot voice is a nice touch, and of course the vocal hook that remains throughout is also very fun to impersonate. This track is definitely up there with the likes of Over and Over and Ready For The Floor in terms of singles, as it’s easily one of their best in a long, long while.

Fortunately things continue to impress as Why Make Sense? Constantly succeeds at delivering some excellent instrumentation. Tracks such as Love Is The Future, Cry For You and Dark Night all feature music that is constantly off-kilter but comfortable in its own rhythm, which is exactly what Hot Chip have been delivering for years now. They also keep it superbly Hot Chippy too, throwing down eccentric lyrics and hooks such as the adorable Baymax-esque hook in Cry For You and pretty much everything in the slow ballad that is White Wine And Fried Chicken.

The personal highlight has got to be Easy To Get. This track noodles its way into the airwaves with a host of electronic sounds setting up what is easily the most upbeat ballad of all time. Hot Chip exceed everything they’ve produced so far as this track is full of hooks, full of beats, full of breakdowns and it’s just perfect. Perhaps I connect to it because I too always play easy to get, or maybe I should just rethink my life. REGARDLESS, this is a fantastic track, and definite one of my favourites of the year.

Why Make Sense? Is another solid effort from Hot Chip and is certainly their most cohesive yet. Each of the ten songs features sublime production and excellent instrumentation, but some are damaged slightly by certain contributions. The rap verse in Love Is The Future is completely unexpected and isn’t all that good, bringing a small halt to the flow of the track, and Need You Now does seem to appeal more to the radio than to fans as it comes off sounding too straight forward for Hot Chip. However, this is still an entertaining record and it’s great. Long live Hot Chip. For more music reviews, free downloads and BALALA check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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