Loggerhead by BK & Dad | EP Review

WHEN: 29.06.2015
WHERE: Gravy Records

BK & Dad are a two piece from Wales and this is their new EP Loggerhead. These guys like to perform a kind of rock music that allows guitars to be the scuzziest thing possible and drums to absolute bash your face in, creating music that is continuously determined to mess with your head. It’s awesome.

Opening track Runaway is a seven minute epic complete with intensity throughout. Usually longer songs have moments of calm as it allows the listener to not feel constantly bombarded with noise, but BK & Dad decide to do things a little differently. The result is numerous guitar riffs smashed together, creating one giant queue of huge, energetic rock music. The drums hit hard throughout too, offering up all manner of drum fills and rhythms while the guitar switches between delivering straight up riffs or more atmospheric sounds. It’s a great way to start the record, and it’s certainly one that shows off BK & Dad’s talent. Good song.

Fortunately the duo are great at producing shorter cuts too. Kingdom of Fear is a track that excels at building up tension through gritty palm muted chords, whereas Cautionary Tale features a set of interesting instrumentals and insane lead sections too. The title track is great too; two bold guitar riffs are paired together to give the track a real layered feel, and the result is the hardest rocking onion ever.

Loggerhead is a solid EP from BK & Dad. All of the songs featured some guitar riffs that stuck firmly to their guns but delivered a whole load of grit to the sound. It would have been nice to see a couple extra changes in tempo performed throughout the record but nevermind, it still sounds good. For more music reviews, free downloads and remember to plant your trees check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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