An Interview With… | The Cave Children

An Interview With… allows us at Exploding Head Syndrome to have a little rest from constantly reviewing as we let other people do the talking. Bara Blaque was the first man to get this little series going and today it falls on to The Cave Children. The Cave Children are a band from Greece and we really enjoyed their debut album Quasiland, which was a fantastic showcase of straight up ballsy rock and psychedelic jams.

Below is the interview we had with them, and we must take the time to thank them for taking the time to answer some questions for little old us.       

We’re still not over Games Of Thrones and fortunately the nerdiness hasn’t alienated either of the artists we’ve interviewed over the last month. We’re gonna provide you with a stream of The Cave Children’s Quasiland so you can become a huge fan of them and get reading some history about them too! It’s cool, and a little bit cult-like. For more music reviews, free downloads and interviews check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

Hey The Cave Children, how’s it going?
Hello from Greece! Other than this horrible and profound economic crisis that affects everyone in the worst way, all is good, and the sun is still shining.

Could you talk about how The Cave Children came around?
Well every member of the band was playing in the Greek underground circuit for quite some time with a number of indie bands, so we all knew each other well. One thing led to another and the guys got a copy of one of my first demo tapes, they liked what they heard, and the rest is history. We are playing music together as a band for almost two years now. When we first got in the studio to do “Quasiland” we started off as a power trio  (drums/guitar-vocals/bass). Then Orestes on keybords joined the band, and we had to record most of the songs from scratch, since our sound and aesthetics moved towards a different direction.

We hear you spent the first two years of your Cave Children lives touring and recording. Was it always a decision to get a feel for the live circuit prior to releasing your first set of material and did it bring any changes to your sound?

Songs that are going to be played live need to have a certain flow, I believe. If you are writing songs in your house on your laptop and then you present them in a “concert environment”, you ‘ll see that some parts are not to be played live – sometimes songs are rejected as a whole. So, it is useful to do a number of “crash tests” on your material by playing them live and keeping notes. The feedback you get from gigs brings an inevitable change to your sound, if you are still recording at the time.

Your debut album Quasiland is freaking awesome. Were the songs featured results of late night touring ideas/jams or were they all brand new material?
Thank you very much, we‘re glad you like out tunes! Well basically the songs came in the studio as ideas for melodies, bass lines, drum beats etc, and we arranged them altogether. They were mostly new material, jamming comes afterwards while we are rehearsing for live gigs. Our goal for this album was to focus on pop song-writing rather than psychedelic trippy long jams. In our new album we are going to use some of our recorded jams to shape our sound – some cool ideas always come up from jamming.

What’s next for The Cave Children? New album, tours etc?
A brand new album is on the way. Plus, we are doing some summer shows in Greece (Up Festival) and Cyprus (Fengaros Music Festival) to promote our new album “Quasiland”. We are psyched and ready to do it.

Inner Ear Records gives us a little insight into the Greek music scene and from what we’ve heard it seems pretty great. Is the music scene this good throughout the country?
There are so many great bands in many Greek cities. Especially Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, has an enormous rock/indie musical heritage. There are a lot of bands that you could check out, from many different genres. Some of them were a huge influence on our sound, such as this awesome band called Modrec.

Have you been losing your shit over Game Of Thrones as much as we have?
Man, the last episodes were too epic to handle. We dig dragons and face-crushing fights to be honest. Our drummer is a Khaleesi fanatic, so we hope everything turns out great for her in the next season.

Finally, if you could make one elusive little comment to close out this interview in a mindblowing way, what would it be?
Visit us in Athens, stay in our homes, eat our food and party with us.
Thank you very much for this interview, hope to hear from you again!
The Cave Children are a four-piece psychedelic pop band from Athens, Greece. They came together as a band in 2013, focusing their songwriting on memorable dreamy pop music. Shimmering melodies, cinematic themes and raw garage rock outbursts are blended, and used to accompany existential and sarcastic lyrics. They first gained popularity performing in the underground music scene of Athens over the last year. Debut album ‘Quasiland’ was released April 2015 (Inner Ear Records).
Listen and order here:

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