Spooky Action At A Distance by Flash Bang Band | Track Review

WHEN: 28.06.2015
WHERE: Earworm Music

You know how sometimes you know something’s gonna be good? This is one of those times. Spooky Action at a Distance is the upcoming single from Flash Bang Band, a wonderful trio of people from Brighton. Since the release of their debut album Bite Your Tongue the band have gained fans from all over the place, and touring relentlessly has allowed them to take on board a whole load of new influences which in turn has created something beautiful in SAaaD. I was stoked about the track because its acronym reminds me of an Alan Partridge quote, but all this additional hype has got me turgid.

If you like your noise pops to be laced with something a little more psychedelic then Flash Bang Band have got the bowl for you. The trio lay down a simple but slick groove immediately, before allowing the guitars to let loose with riffs that could kick your face off. The vocals are delivered in a way that screams freedom but are controlled just enough to keep everything flowing nicely, and the way that Flash Bang Band take this track into much darker, more focused instrumentals throughout is freaking mind blowing.

The closing half of Spooky Action at a Distance is like something you could have heard during a LCD Soundsystem (RIP) jam with all kinds of percussion and groove being thrown in alongside the flurry of psychedelic twang. It ends in a big ball of fury and the result is a very happy listener. Spooky Action at a Distance is a fantastic track, and easily one of the best tracks of the year. Flash Bang Band have entered 2015 in a big way and I think I’ve fallen for them a little. Awesome. Check out the music video to the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and hi Molly check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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