Off To New York City by Boys | Track Review

WHEN: 10.05.2015

Boys can be so cheeky. Off To New York City is the latest single to come from the dream pop band from London, and after receiving it in an email that said nothing much else apart from “then maybe you could feature it” alongside the cheekiest smile emoticon I’ve ever seen it was very difficult to not fall in love with them. We featured their track Summer of Love nearly a year ago and very much enjoyed it, so Off To New York City should also be rather lovely too.

Much like Summer of Love, Off To New York City features the lo-fi production that really allowed the summery vibes of their sound to shine through. Boys throw the guitar riff into the mix right away and by packing it with wonderful harmonies it becomes suddenly another hazy day in the sunshine. What’s also great is how well fleshed out the track is, as Boys allow themselves to contribute some extra guitar melodies to the instrumentation, allowing a much fuller listening experience to come through. The result is something that brings forth a lot of Boys’ youthful enthusiasm but also allows their talent to showcase some beautiful additions too.

Off To New York City is a fantastic little tune from Boys and certainly my favourite one of theirs so far. The year gap between Summer of Love and this track shows that a little maturity has occurred within the band, but they still retain their love for the summer. Cheeky little rascals. Stream the track below, and for more music reviews, free downloads and a dollop of sun cream check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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