Murder Shoes by Murder Shoes | EP Review

WHEN: 01.05.2015
WHERE: Land Ski Records

There is nothing worse than breaking in a new pair of shoes. I remember when I worked part time as a Team Member for a cinema and I spent the entirety of my eight hour shift hating myself after realising halfway through that shoes don’t break in quicker when you’re on your feet all the time. It was absolutely murder, and there’s the segway. Murder Shoes is a five piece band from the USA and this is their new EP Murder Shoes. They perform an interesting mix surf rock that’s tinged with a certain hint of darkness; like swimming in marmite or something.

Opening track Charlotte Manning creeps into the scene with numerous guitar melodies painting an atmosphere that’s complete with tension while the female vocals ease their way into the swing of things; certainly making an impression on me. Murder Shoes allow this track to have its own kind of swagger as it delivers riff after riff with all the patience in the world while the bassline boosts it with an extra kick. This track is a definite surprise, as this was not what I was expecting from a band that was described as a surf rock/rock band, but good lord, what a pleasant surprise.

Things kick up a notch on Maybe You Can as guitar riffs fly onto the scene with a huge intensity. The constant, rolling drumbeat keeps the eerie vibe alive throughout, and once again it makes for another surprising, but enjoyable listen. The little vocal-only interlude is superb as well. Things only continue to get better as Sea A Little Louder (excellent pun) delivers what is easily the highlight of the EP, and sets everything up nicely for the closing goodbye that is In Your Bed Or On A Train.

Well, holy shit that was awesome. Murder Shoes is a surf rock EP that actually does something different with the genre. This EP is one that is full of patience and confidence, and knows exactly what its mumma gave it. Everything from the riffs to the vocals to the basslines to the drums is performed so very, very good that it’s hard to not go insane with adoration for it. Murder Shoes are awesome. For more music reviews, free downloads and YES check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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