Sinking In Your Sea by Go!Zilla | Album Review

WHEN: 15.04.2015
WHERE: Black Candy Records

Sinking In Your Sea is the new album from Italian trio Go!Zilla. These guys revel in producing all kinds of sounds that circle around the drain of psychedelica and throw all kinds of objects ranging from grunge to lo-fi rock at it, just like you would at a spider in the bath. From first impressions made from opening track Melting, these guys know how to tear shit up, and it takes a lot to impress me with tearing shit, because I’ve got IBS.

The title track follows next with a heavy-ass guitar riff that manages to sink deep into your soul and stick a flag right in it. It personally made me squeal a little hearing this because it immediately brought forth nostalgic memories of discovering the likes of Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr and Kyuss for the first time. Go!Zilla mellows things out once this giant behemoth arrives and suddenly we’re having a tea party with this monster. It’s nice. Looking In The Mirror succeeds at sticking to a rhythm and turning it into a groove that is infectious beyond belief, bringing confirmation that yes, Sinking In Your Sea is going to be a great freaking listen.

Go!Zilla are another band that dabble in the psychedelic genre that aren’t afraid to mix things up. Much like the aforementioned Looking In The Mirror, the band also deliver the grooves on Hiding Away. This track tones down the volume for the majority of the track and throws in a lot of percussion against this guitar riff that is performed in the most chill of ways. It’s another example of how it’s good to take risks sometimes, just like when I set a challenge to eat 6 Dip Dabs in one sitting and passed out.

Sinking In Your Sea is a great freaking record. I don’t know where this emergence of new bands has come from but I’m really glad they’re saying hello. Go!Zilla take full control of their record and the result is something that is entertaining, catchy, heavy, groovy and just really freaking good. For more music reviews, free downloads and all the dick shaking in the world check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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