The Wailin’ Smithers by The Wailin’ Smithers | Album Review

WHEN: 25.05.2015

Helping out your friends is something everybody should do at least a little in their lives, and when they get excited about a project of theirs then you help them out IMMEDIATELY. The Wailin’ Smithers are a group of lads from all over the US and this is their self-titled debut album. If you’re in the mood for garage rock/indie that is scrappy but full of superb riffs and twists and turns then you should probably check this album out, just sayin’.

Over and Over kicks off this record with some sweet lovely guitar melodies before picking up pace and easing into a very nice surf-rock sound, complete with doo-doo’s and everything. The track creates a wonderful, dreamy atmosphere thanks to the heavy reverb on the guitars, and the way the vocal hook combines with the melodies brings forth some extra sunniness to the mix, creating some heavily lovely sounds. The Wailin’ Smithers do allow things to get a little heavy halfway through as they embed a sweet guitar riff and solo section into the track, adding a nice little dose of variety into the mixing pot too. Over and Over is a great little number, and a great way to open up on a record that offers a whole lot more goodness.

All this summery goodness spills over onto Drive Me Crazy which continues the use of sweet melodies and intensely slapped cymbals. The guitar work and the solo in this track are insanely good, and by the time you get to hear the wonderful sounds of Feels Good To Never Sleep you will feel blessed having listened to this trilogy of easy-goingness, enjoying the sun and being pretty happy with life right now.

The Wailin’ Smithers is a fantastic debut album. Much like The Cave Children’s Quasiland, this is a debut that has blown us away with how assured and confident it sounds. The Wailin’ Smithers have got their sound down tremendously well, and the result is a record that boasts ten tracks that sound fantastic, especially in these summer months. For more music reviews, free downloads and to support new artists check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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