Cavalcade by The Slow Readers Club | Album Review

WHEN: 13.04.2015
WHERE: Extenso Music

The Slow Readers Club are a fantastic type of band. They’re a band that manages to make their records sound as good as their live shows, and they have a sound that somehow manages to be eerie yet groovy simultaneously. As we at Exploding Head Syndrome love being steeped in irrelevancy, their new album Cavalcade has been released and has received a lot of praise since, and it’s not hard to hear why.

Lead single Forever In Your Debt blew our minds first time around as we experienced Slow Reader’s Club’s sound for the first time. The production is top, top notch, the sound is vast and expansive which really allows all the guitar riffs, the basslines and most importantly the vocals to go as loud as they please, and my god do they go as loud as they please. This track wraps yourself up in its bubble, and provides you with a sound that is full of depth but is sprinkled with disco drum beats to give it that slight edge of rhythm, making it be one hell of a fantastic listen.

Fortunately this sound continues through Cavalcade, as tracks such as Plant The Seed deliver a much more 80’s side to their sound, providing one of the more dance-ier numbers on the record. 2014 single In Your Debt kicks off with an introduction to The Slow Reader’s Club, leaving a huge impression on the listener with its deep rooted focus on making you want to hear more from the band, and once you reach Fool for Your Philosophy…goodness me.

This is a record that showcases the sound of The Slow Reader’s Club perfectly. Each of the twelve tracks featured offer something that packs one hell of a meaty punch, leaving you stunned but still able to enjoy the dance elements embedded within the synths and the drums. They say the best dancing happens during a boxing match, but the greatest tango is with this record. Superb stuff. For more music reviews, free downloads and dance dance dance check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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