Quasiland by The Cave Children | Album Review

WHEN: 14.04.2015
WHERE: Inner Ears Records

Sometimes it’s nice to take a little holiday. We’ve just spent a week trawling the streets of Thurrock/Romford/London for the wonderful #MovementMovement week and now we’re living it up in the sunny side of Greece. We’re currently lounging on the beach wearing nothing but shorts while the sun beams its’ way onto our disgusting bodies, drinking the finest glass of Pepsi surrounded by people who are way hotter than we are. The soundtrack to this obviously idyllic picture is Quasiland, the debut album by The Cave Children.

These guys perform a kind of psychedelic rock that is TEEMING with melodies, riffs and a whole load of spacious loveliness. They’ve been on the road for two years touring and honing their craft prior to the creation of this (spoilers) superb first studio album, and yeah, it’s really rather good. Not only are the instrumentals very well constructed, but you just get a sense of cohesion just brush off the tracks too. It’s a lovely team effort, one that makes us get a little emotional.

Maybeland kicks off this record with an upbeat riff that brings forth all memories of basking in sunshine (we’ve gone inside after getting a little sunburnt, and felt too emasculated) as it chugs its way through the airwaves. This is a quick burst of energy which introduces The Cave Children in a very good way, and the little drum-only interlude which precedes the superb section combining horns with the psychedelic tones is sweet as a doozy. Lazy God stutters and drawls its way through its existence, like a person stumbling home after a night of drinking but beginning to feel soberness mix itself with the remaining units of alcohol and the rapidly increasing dose of tiredness. It’s a very funky listen with all signs of rhythm becoming readily available to you, and the big waves of noise that appear numerous times caps it all off nicely.

Our personal highlight has got to be Pelorian. This track sees The Cave Children hit as hard as they possibly can instrumentally, and throw all sorts of psychedelica on it too. It has a riff that screams the heyday of stoner rock when the likes of Kyuss and Nebula comprised our iTunes library, and comes in with like a gigantic wall of solid rock and is bolstered by drums that could knock down like an Elephant or something. Everything about this track is entertaining, from the vocal distortion to the big booming finale – which by the way is the greatest piece of music we’ve ever heard. Horns contribute to the huge wall and it creates a fantastic way to goodbye in the loudest way possible for The Cave Children before they actually say goodbye quietly in closing track Vixen Tapes.

Quasiland is a superb freaking record and easily one of the best debut albums we’ve heard all year. The Cave Children are a really talented bunch of homies and fortunately we’ve been blessed with ten tracks that just sound really, really fantastic. Definitely one for the Loved List. For more music reviews, free downloads and YESSSS NEW BANDS check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.



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