Dreams And Vice by Bara Blaque | EP Review

WHEN: 22.03.2015
WHERE: The Koup

#MovementMovement has come to a close. This week has been dedicated to shedding some light on the most local of artists around and it’s been tremendous how much support has been shown for them. Next week we will resume with our regular reviewing schedule which means we may sink back into irrelevancy again but it’s been a blast. Hopefully we’ll be able to have another #MovementMovement week sometime soon, but honestly, if the hashtag continues to live on and gets a lot of better considering musical options from people closer to home then that’s everything we could ever ask for really.

Our last addition to #MovementMovement comes in the form of Dreams And Vice, the newest EP from London rapper Bara Blaque. This collection of seven tracks showcase Bara’s ability to create hugely interesting hip hop tracks that utilise instrumentals that stand very firmly in their own light; producing a very original sound.

The first distinct trait of this EP is definitely Bara’s voice. This guy has a very distinct tone and his vocal delivery has a right dominance on the instrumental, bringing a lot of control and direction into the overall flow of Dreams And Vice. It constantly blurs the lines between having a man rap to you and having a man list his problems with the world to you, and it makes you listen to every word e speaks. It’s awesome. Our personal highlight of this vocal delivery in full force has to be on the track Counter Establishment in which Bara goes HARD throughout, not only making the song stand out from the rest, but also signifies a pretty solid moment on the EP.

Instrumentally Counter Establishment uses piano keys to create a sound that is flooded with gospel and soul elements but has a slight touch of hip hop in the percussion, bringing forth something that hasn’t been produced in a long time. This laid back, chill sound allows Bara’s relaxed vocals to sound just as good on tracks such as The Feeling and Love a Brudda, and it just brings a much darker, more sombre atmosphere to Dreams And Vice.

Dreams And Vice is an EP that is full of passion, emotions and a lot of nostalgia. It has a sound that comes straight from the 90’s, and Bara Blaque exceeds at bringing a much more modern feel to it. His voice is hugely distinctive, and he uses it to full effect when referencing his culture, his race, and everything else that points out the trouble in modern society. For more music reviews, free downloads and to make #MovementMovement live forever check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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