A Reason by THECITYISOURS | Track Review

WHEN: 06.05.2015
WHERE: Future Epic Productions

#MovementMovement has been going terrifically well so far. If you haven’t joined the hype train as yet, #MovementMovement is something designed to get some focus thrown onto the most independent of artists. The bands who are producing music videos that haven’t got a lot of views, the people recording demos of strange hip hop instrumentals and even people who create EPs and use drawings of overweight men getting high while sat in their pants. This is a week for the most local of artists, and for those starting out. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and hopefully if word gets around then it could extend into dedicating more time towards local artists in different areas of Essex/London/England. Who knows how good this could get.

This time it’s to talk about a band called THECITYISOURS with their new track A Reason, and honestly I don’t need to give a reason why you should check it out. If you’re into music that delves into metal influences to create riffs that can pummel your face in just as much as the intense drum rolls that stumble their way through the mix then this is the song for you. The band do a great job at shaking everything up from the vocals to the guitar sections, and the combination of the nice soft vocals with the shouty shouty vocals sounds great too.

A Reason is a great track full of energy and intensity thanks to the superb thinking that went behind the instrumentals, and the vocal delivery just plops a right good cherry on top of it. Creating a cupcake that is full of darkness and probably an uppercut or two. For more music reviews, free downloads and to promote local artists and #MovementMovement check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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