Prophets + Subliminal Criminal by Greenout | Track Review

WHERE: Greenout Soundcloud

So this week we’ve been doing something called the #MovementMovement (hashtag amended to avoid all geographical errors) where we shed light on some local artists who are close to home. We’ve featured numerous artists starting out previously but to dedicate a week to it should bring extra focus towards those who are in the baby steps of their careers. Today we shed light on some demos composed by Greenout, who likes to use baby pictures and flattering pictures as the covers of his tracks. His demos delve deeply in the hip-hop genre, with some nice percussions dominating over some space-y synth sounds, and they’re pretty cool.

Prophets is a creepy little track which fully utilises this sound with a beat that scares the bejeezus out of us, but it does make way for some nice percussion that manages to lay down a nice groove. Subliminal Criminal brings down the focus by allowing some nice piano chords to take centre stage which helps add an entirely new style to Greenout’s sound. This track is also packed with swooping synth sounds and a simple drum beat that stays on point and adds all sorts of jazziness to the track, another possible route for Greenout to go.

For these to just be demos and sound this good is a pretty good sign that somebody has a bit of talent inside them. Both Prophets and Subliminal Criminal are both tracks that offer a lot of satisfaction already, but have a lot of potential to bloom into two beautiful ducks with the addition of extra instruments and vocals. Greenout is a pretty cool dude too. For more music reviews, free downloads and to support the #MovementMovement check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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