Spaceman J by Spaceman J | EP Review

WHERE: Wrong Number Records

One of the coolest things about trying to be a big boy in the blogosphere is getting to be a part of musical movements happening closer to home. Very recently I saw a post detailing a list of artists who are at various levels of artistry from bedroom recordings to being on Spotify to making 1080p videos on Youtube and was tagged in it like a cool kid. I dubbed it the #ThurrockMovement though this might not be geographically correct, nor does #EssexMovement work, so I guess it’ll have to be called the #MovementMovement. This is a week dedicated to representing all of those artists, and also to prove to all fans of music that it can literally be created anywhere, you just have to look hard enough.

The first musical release comes from Spaceman J with his latest EP of the same name. If you like your music to sound pretty much like the overweight man in his pants wearing a helmet and holding what looks like a bong or a stalk from a very big broccoli then this is the EP for you. Opening track One And Only makes up an atmosphere that is blissfully aware of its pace and allows all the sounds to contribute where they please, while a nice funky bassline lays down the foundations for all sorts of synths and drums and guitars and horns to seep into. It’s a very chilled track, and definitely sets the overall tone of the EP, and gets the wheels moving in the most patient, easy going of ways possible.

The seven minute dream that is Half As Bad is the most wonderful thing in the entire world. It’s hazy with percussion that pulsates and distorts the atmosphere slightly, while guitar melodies scatter throughout and robotic-esque female vocals direct all this free flowing energy out into the open world, creating something that’s full of life idyllic. It’s beautiful.

This dreamy haze continues on Push On Through and No Time To Waste to the point where sleepytime snuggles are needed. Push On Through features this wonderful walking bassline alongside dual vocals that push some much needed direction into the urgency shown by the track, whereas No Time To Waste caps things off with a superb showing of all the things we’ve heard already on the EP.

Spaceman J is a fantastic EP to either fall asleep to or sit in your pants eating big broccoli to. It creates an atmosphere that’s forever expanding, and packs it full of moods and sounds and variety that allow it to continually blossom into something beautiful with each track. This is awesome stuff and a pretty good way to start off the…#MovementMovement. For more music reviews, free downloads and IF YOU ARE A LOCAL ARTIST DON’T BE AFRAID TO EMAIL ME check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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