Poison Tongues by Kingsley Chapman And The Murder | Track Review

WHEN: 18.04.2015

There are people who like to make happy music (Lenka’s The Show is a proper jam) and people who like to make music that’s a little bit scary. After the demise of The Chapman Family, Kingsley Chapman has emerged from the ashes and with a new band, a new sound and a new found desire to creep me out, has released Poison Tongues.

Poison Tongues is a track that’s loaded with all things horns to primal drums to references of blood crooned in the most unnerving of ways by Kingsley himself. It’s convoluted with layers upon layers of instruments that all mash together to create a sound that could fit in The Shining or something; it’s a very disturbed onion of sound.  The constant rhythm keeps chugging away and builds up the suspense that’s cuddled by Kingsley’s crooning, and it all becomes a little too much by the climax as everything seems to head into extreme horror film territory as the instruments begin to scream out in terror.

Kingsley Chapman and the Murder have certainly brought forth a new spin on the traditional single that’s for sure. Poison Tongues is a track full of sound and certainly achieves its purpose, sounding just as uneasy as a Swans record or something. I look forward to hear more from this new project, and whether or not I’ll have nightmares tonight. For more music reviews, free downloads and somebody hold me check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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