Pet Names/I Want To Go Home by Dancing Cake | Track Review

WHEN: 02.04.2015

When something appears in your emails from a DANCING CAKE you know you’re gonna be in for something good. Dancing and cake are two of my favourite thing in the world, and Dancing Cake also happens to be the name of a three piece band from Leeds and this is their debut single Pet Names/I Want To Go Home. These guys like to dabble in performing some math rock and punk rock simultaneously, producing something that is raw, shouty shouty and hard hitting, with extra shouty shouty.

To be fair to the trio I often find myself becoming very passionate about pet names and wanting to go home. Pet Names kicks things off with crunchy riffs, drum fills and a whole lot of loud voices. If I was the kitty in question I would absolutely be terrified and not want to find out what my name is, as it’d probably be like Fucktard or Pissweasel or something. I Want To Go Home follows suit with more gnarly guitar riffs being delivered at breakneck speed against some vocals that really want to go home. Dancing Cake do a great job at expanding their songs beyond the shouty shouty however, allowing their instruments to do the talking and usually they deliver some really solid sections.

Dancing Cake generously offer us Ceiling On The Carpet which is fortunately a slightly quieter track, that go forth with nice dual vocals alongside some very surf-rock-y riffs instead. It’s a way nice to round off a debut that has certainly left an impression. Dancing Cake have definitely got me listening, and I really wanna know what they named their cat. For more music reviews, free downloads and a free hug check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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