Walkaway by We-Are-Z | Track Review

WHEN: 18.05.2015
WHERE: Sputnik Records

There is something about a good grove that gets us going so hard these days. Tuxedo have become one of our favourite new acts of 2015, Crazy P have delivered with another excellent album, and now We-Are-Z are here with a new single that’s surely going to put us over the edge. The five piece from Paris/London return with only their second single ever, and it’s called Walkway, but it should be called Danceaway. Right? Hahahahawful.

Complete with a roaming bassline and upbeat, tribal drumming Walkaway is a track that gets the hips shaking immediately. We-Are-Z’s knack for creating hooks shines brilliantly throughout as there are hooks aplenty embedded within the vocals, the lyrics, the beats and most significantly, the constantly disco drumbeat. There are many things that should be allowed to be around the entirety of our everyday life, and a constant disco drumbeat should be one of them.

Walkaway is a superb little number that’s intent on delivering a sound that’s rife with variety and infected with disco fever right up to the scorching levels. We-Are-Z continue to do a good job at getting a good reputation down, and goodness, the catchiness of their music is too much. For more music reviews, free downloads and come on let’s walkaway into the dancefloor, or my place, or your place? Whatever you wan-Oh you wanna go home alone? That’s cool…Check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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