Wild Sisters by The Birdman Rallies | Track Review

WHEN: 30.03.2015

Way back at the start of the year I was recovering from being very poorly and bedridden as I kissed my then-girlfriend into the New Year before another bout of vomit came along and finished off any hint of a love-making session. North Yorkshire quartet The Birdman Rallies were doing something a little bit different however; they were making beautiful music in the form of their new album Real River which was released on the 26thof January, and at the end of March they released the closing track Wild Sisters as a single, and that too, is another round of beautiful music.

Wild Sisters is a wonderful escape into a world that boasts lush greenery, animals roaming free and people making transactions in the form of hugs. It paints an idyllic atmosphere where the sun is always shining, birds give humans warning signs of when it’s about to rain, and nearly everybody has a secret-yet-public stash of Dip Dabs. It’s a beautiful instrumental that maintains the perfect balance of sounding delicate yet robust with its warm basslines and strange, off-kilter percussion which pulsates harmlessly in the background. The vocals ease their way into the centre and command all manner of strings to come forth to add to this perfect moment, alongside backing vocals that possibly could have been provided by genuine angels like you. (Love you.)

Sometimes a song has the power to affect the listener in a way that adds an extra step to their day, some have the ability to become their personal flavour of the month or the reason why they get out of bed every day, and in special cases, some songs have the power to change how we look at the world we live in. Wild Sisters is a song that succeeds at sounding so naturally composed and at home with itself that it comes across like a sound we hear every day. It’s almost as if a flock of birds came together, sang their hearts out and this was the result. The Birdman Rallies have made a wonderful song in Wild Sisters, and it’s definitely going to be one that leaves more than a slight impression on you. Once again, this is an absolutely wonderful song. For more music reviews, free downloads and appreciation of you check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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