Walk Dance Talk Sing by Crazy P | Album Review

WHEN: 06.05.2015
WHERE: Walk Don’t Walk

Ohhhh boy, it’s sunny as dicks and I’m terrifically hungover after a night of binging on pitchers and chicken nuggets. I have a headache that’s threatening to keel me over in a variety of ways via the most fluid-spilling methods and you know what? I’m getting down to the new Crazy P record. Walk Dance Talk Sing is the SEVENTH album to come from the dance/funk trio from Manchester/Nottingham and as per the aforementioned “getting down” it is actually quite a doozy of a record.

If you like your dance music to be full of twists and turns and rhythms and whirls and seductive sounds and hooks then Walk Dance Talk Sing is the record for you. Like A Fool kicks things off with a rhythm that is birthed by slick guitars, warm piano chords, and a drumbeat that fills in the gaps with foot-tapping groove. This foundation is a wonderful set up with the main instrumental hook which seems to be a guitar melody that just bleeds into the sound, catching the track and yourself off guard by adding in an extra element of catchiness to the mix. This is a great, great track and one that has been playing in my ears for months now, I love it, and it’s a superb way to kick off an album that looks to continue the momentum.

It’s always refreshing to hear dance music created with guitars used as a main instrument, and Crazy P prove repeatedly that the guitar is more than just power chords. The Come On in particular is a track that is full to the brim with riffs and melodies that all cuddle up to one another to create this heavily layered sound that is always on the move, and always on the groove. That rhyme sucked but fortunately this song doesn’t.

Crazy P aren’t afraid to let things head into a little longer territory too as they deliver in a big way with such tracks as Echo and Something More. These two tracks in particular are easily one of the highlights of Walk Dance Talk Sing and it’s not really hard to explain why. Both tracks start off laying down a solid, danceable foundation and the trio do a great job at expanding the repetitiveness into a “drop” of sorts which just caps off both songs on a much wider scale. No wonder these guys are still around, they’ve got this songwriting craft down to a tee.

Walk Dance Talk Sing is a fantastic record. It’s dance music that isn’t afraid to experiment with tempos and moods because Crazy P are essentially experts at making it all sound good by this point. It makes me want to check out the rest of Crazy P’s discography which perhaps they could send me in one big envelop because listening to this record makes me think I’ve missed out on some of the best music at least six times now. This is a highlight shining bright alongside some of the other bright sparks of this year’s musical output; only this one allows you to really get your dancing shoes on. For more music reviews, free downloads and CRAZY P SEND ME ALL OF YOUR MUSIC PLEASE check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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