This N That by The Do’s | EP Review

WHEN: 27.03.2015
WHERE: Philophobia Music

Oh man The Do’s are back! We like The Do’s here at Exploding Head Syndrome. The grunge duo returns with their new EP This N That. Always one for keeping things casual, the title should lead you into a false sense of security because in reality THIS EP HITS REALLY FREAKING HARD.

Armed with just a guitar and drums, The Do’s make sure to get their sound as beefed up as possible with This N That. The opening track and the appropriately titled Intro is an instrumental that not only introduces the listener to some very freaking good production quality but also the notion that The Do’s know how to write a great riff. Good lord it’s a heavy-ass riff full of distortion and venom. It’s a head rocking tune and definitely sets up what is one heavy listen.

Review & Decide continues the instrumental side of things a tiny bit longer as an elongated intro sets up the very solid drum/guitar combination very nicely before the vocals creep in to syncopate nicely with the harsh palm-muted strokes of the guitar. We’re reviewing it, and we’re deciding it rocks. Satisfied leaves you feeling weak at the knees and ultimately satisfied as The Do’s throw down some sweet rhythm which really compliments the overall high-end tempo of the EP, and finally the title track closes out with another round of very good riffage and the desire to kiss The Do’s on the mouth.

This N That is a great freaking EP. All four tracks are brilliant showcases of rock music done right. The sound is so raw and organic that it really excels at simply being a record that blows your face into a million pieces. The Do’s continue to Do great with their music. Nice work lads. For more music reviews, free downloads and terrible puns check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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