OOO by Your Plastic Toys | Album Review

WHEN: 04.03.2015

Sometimes stepping into the unknown is the best way to do things. Receiving an email from a guy who says he makes “noisy psychedelic pop music” under the name Your Plastic Toys who likes Exploding Head Syndrome (thanks man) and sending a link to stream the record borders on the right side of leaving us charmed and wanting to find out more. Like the seduced little sluts we are.

First things first, the guy was certainly right in saying he makes noisy psychedelic pop music. Opening track A Love Poem When You Don’t Love Them Anymore is a wishy-washy escape into a world that is fuzzy-duzzy on being straight forward but is ambiguous enough to leave us feeling noticeably intrigued. Complete with distorted noises, hazy percussion and synths that seem to bleed endless trails of sound this is certainly something that needs a little focus shone on it.

Here Comes Sally despite the inclusion of a female allows the sound to form a straight road as it directs itself into a track that boasts a lot of noise that have a purpose this time round. There are elements of dance embedded within the psychedelic goodness, and it actually sounds rather good with its semblance of hooks. It’s from this point where OOO heads into a more solid form as Bubble Gum (warm inside when the weather is cold) utilises guitar riffs to bolster up its fluidity with it’s wonderful, anthemic-level instrumentation.

The personal highlight of OOO comes in the form of the minute and a half little doozy titled There Is Only One; The Almighty Dollar. This short tune takes complete control of all of the aforementioned descriptions of Your Plastic Toys’ sound and creates something that’s funky, psychedelic and extremely catchy to touch. It’s a superb insight into Your Plastic Toys’ world and how gifted he is at being able to smash these atmospheres together to produce something that offers a much more straight forward way to get into his music.

OOO is a wonderful little surprise that held our attention after luring us in mysteriously via email. Your Plastic Toys does a great job at mixing up traditional pop music by bleeding in additional genres such as psychedelic and electronic to create something that is off-kilter and original, while also retaining a lot of pop music’s accessibilities. A great little EP indeed. For more music reviews, free downloads and a cheeky hug from me check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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