Don’t Look At The Moon by Plastic Man | Album Review

WHEN: 16.03.2015
WHERE: Black Candy Records

Man, Italy’s beginning to become one of my favourite countries for music these days. Over the last couple years it was always Canada that blew my mind every week by sending over some music by the latest artist who’s discovered how to create something that is so mindbleeding-ly great but lately Italy’s really making a name for itself sonically. Of course I mean this in the sense of that Italy’s producing some really good psychedelic rock, they seem to have got the other genres down I think.

The latest export to come from my favourite name for a PR company Chatty Chicken is Plastic Man with their debut album Don’t Look At The Moon. These guys play a kind of psychedelic rock that comes tinged with the sounds of the 60’s, while also incorporating slight hints of acid/surf/garage/stoner rock to create something that is punchy as it is hazy. It’s like wrapping yourself up in bedsheets made of uppercuts, and it sounds great.

Opening track North Polar Land sees the trio introduce themselves via huge guitar riffs that distort their way through the airwaves while a roaming bassline strolls through the gaps. This already thick sound is backed up by swelling synth noises and a percussion that is rigid with repetition, setting a place a rhythm section that forms a sturdy stage for the trio to go absolutely mental with their sounds. This is a great way to kick off the album, and definitely gets the waves in motion for an eventual breakdown of fangirl proportions from me.

For a debut this is one heavily assured record. Plastic Man aren’t afraid to let their sound do the talking for them, often allowing the instrumentation say a few words at some point throughout the record. The entirety of Blue and Black Dream is one superb drive into serious psychedelic/pop territory with some hugely catchy melodies, and the brief but confident pitch thrown in the mix of Needle Point is simply brilliant.

This self-esteem really comes into its own towards the tail-end of Don’t Look At The Moon as Plastic Man throw all sorts into it with tracks such as the high-energy, guitar ripping Rolling Machine following the dreamy, sun-kissed He Didn’t Know. It speaks volumes when a band go full blown loose with their sound and definitely shows that they have a huge set of balls, made only bigger by the horn-induced sounds of Tom’s Trees; a very delightful song by the way.

Don’t Look At The Moon is a superb introduction from Plastic Man, and one that definitely warrants fangirling over. The trio have come in and essentially covered everything in existence with their sound by doing all kinds of moves and tricks with it; flinging it at everything in sight. It’s a very well varied and brilliantly crafted record, and one that will be receiving a lot of replays from me over the next year. Nice stuff. For more music reviews, free downloads and a touch of haze 4/20 check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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