Anyway Milkyway by M+A | EP Review

WHEN: 20.04.2015

So we’re doing it again, pushing forth another piece of music so we can basically aboard the hype train as soon as possible. We are certainly sheep here at Exploding Head Syndrome, but at least we’re sheep with good music taste. All year round we have been undeniably excited to hear the new EP from Italian duo M+A. We have loved a lot of the songs they have released so far, and even stuck them on our bi-regularly Showcase series, and finally the new EP Anyway Milkyway is here.

Lead single Do The Shout kicks things off with a fantastic set of beats, drums, synths and hooks to immediately grab at the “song of the summer” accolade. We went mental for this track before, and months later it still leaves us foaming at the mouth, and pants. Ninja only furthers the foaming of the pants as its deep-rooted bassline lays down some sexy sounds alongside a seductive synth beat that can break even the toughest of chastity belts. Spank Rock’s contribution adds a hip-hop flavour to the mix which really helps it stand out from the other high quality dance tracks and with the additions of *gasp* naughty language it adds a certain edge to the sound as well.

Bouncy continues the heavy-petting as M+A dig deeper to plant the bassline for this badboy. A deep voice kicks off the track before the duo chime in with their higher-pitched, seamless vocals before allowing the music to take the reins. Much like Do The Shout, Bouncy takes the sound into summer-anthem territory as the finale absolutely takes the cake and shoves it in our faces. The chorus is infectious beyond relief, and suddenly we’re all zombies with groove.

Habes closes out Anyway Milkyway with a lovely little ukulele intro before slipping into the traditional sounds of the synth-lead direction. Once again this is a brilliant display of pure feel-good music with an emphasis on letting loose at the hips and shaking them until the atmosphere implodes in an impressive feat of happiness. M+A have well and truly delivered with Anyway Milkyway and it was certainly worth the wait. We’re definitely gonna take credit for adding to our Showcase series and well, this EP is just one of the best we’ve heard all year. Love it. For more music, free reviews and to thank us for being sheep check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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