Arrive Alone, Leave Alone by Girl Friend | EP Review

WHEN: 27.04.2015
WHERE: Tri-Tone

Oh my goodness it’s finally out. Over the last year or so we at Exploding Head Syndrome have been fangirling tremendously over numerous bands and artists, but we have never fangirled harder than when Manchester quartet Girl Friend released Stop. The debut single from this emerging act was simply sensational, seductive and unbelievably catchy. We named the track the 2nd best track of 2014, and also put Girl Friend at number 1 on our list of 10 artists to look out for in 2015. Safe to say we’re definitely the clingy obsessed girlfriend in this relationship.

Last week Girl Friend dropped their debut EP Arrive Alone, Leave Alone and despite being technically in the month of March in our backlog, we decided to drop everything and get some words out for this EP as soon as possible. Girl Friend have certainly impressed across the entire blogosphere and media, and with this first EP, they just continue to build on their reputation thoroughly.

Monte Carlo kicks off Arrive Alone, Leave Alone with a similar sound that we heard on Stop with huge walls of synthesiser dressed up in 80s aesthetics swelling the airwaves with heartfelt instrumentation which becomes a fantastic background some disco-y drums and the swooning, crooning vocals of frontman Amory. This is a proper upbeat number talking about attempting to get a particular person to stick around; the perfect topic to create a fantastic piece of pop music.

You Lead The Way follows with an even bigger performance as the synthesisers become anthemic in their bid to completely envelop the eardrums. The band constantly hold on the synths from forever flooding the track by forming a dam made up of more of the deliciously smooth vocals that are wonderfully backed up by the female vocals.

Style and Substance features a beat that could easily make it one of the songs of the summer. The synths this time around head into a more modern direction as they seem to have a bit more urgency about them rather than the kind of wishy-washy sound on previous tracks. This track is once again flooded with basslines and hooks to constantly keep the attention of everyone in the entire world, and yeah, Girl Friend are just really, really good.

Stop closes out the EP with one final, triumphant hurrah. Arrive Alone Leave Alone is a fantastic, fantastic EP and easily one of the best debuts to come around in a long, long while. Girl Friend certainly had it hard having to meet some very high expectations from all over the place but they have definitely succeeded and maybe even exceeded them just a little bit too. These guys are for sure going to be big in the near future, but right now it’s just great to be able to celebrate such a wonderful record. For more music reviews, free downloads and yesss Girl Friend check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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