Broken Angels by Jade The Moon | Track Review

WHEN: 24.03.2015
WHERE: Culvert Music

You know, we’re always going on about guardian angels and angels being around and helping us out, but sometimes they need support too. Jade The Moon is a lady who brings light on the fact that hey, love is two-way thing and with her track Broken Angels, well they need love more than ever.

What’s great about this track is how the title perfectly reflects the music. The instrumentation is glitched inbetween wonderful harp-strings and lovely lady vocals and some heavy, deep-rooted bass moments that adds a little texture and darkness to the track aswell. As a result Broken Angels becomes this superb little surprise as it suddenly gets the hips involved, creating what could be the strangest looking hug of all time.

Broken Angels is a good little number that combines two moods and forms something that reeks of creativity and originality, and is pretty darn catchy too. Jade The Moon rocks. For more music reviews, free downloads and hug me Jade check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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