Infinite Variety by The Cathode Ray | Album Review

WHEN: 20.04.2015
WHERE: Stereogum Recordings

Variety is certainly an essential part of living a fulfilling life. That’s why I like to order half & half pizzas, eat all the colours of skittles, and regularly switch up either crying myself to sleep or screaming into a pillow every night. The Cathode Ray have titled their new album Infinite Variety and well, that could only be a good thing. They allow their sound to perform things acoustically, electronically, and even let it dabble in certain genres like punk and psychedelica, like the best parents ever.

Opening track Backed Up is a wonderful slow burner that builds up to a beautiful journey into the world of psychedelic music which is built up of huge walls of guitars riffs and the underlying sense that hey, the world is a pretty happy place. It’s a fantastic way to introduce yourself, much like how I try to introduce myself to new people except The Cathode Ray could probably get laid and invited to things.

Lead single Resist heads into a much more convoluted sound with heavy basslines barging past scatty guitar leads and a tempo that could get The Hives hyped up. Instrumentally it all sounds very off-kilter but the constant drum beat and the vocals somehow manage to steer this thing on track to create quite a catchy little tune. This is also true for the industrially directed song Nowhere At All, which features some very slinky guitar riffs. Oh my it’s good.

As mentioned before The Cathode Ray get a little electronic with their sound as Eureka Moment!  comes forth with a brand new dose of swelling synths before making way for a tribal drumbeat and a smooth bassline that gets things moving just a little seductively. This is a great mashup of the garage rock sound we’ve heard so far with a touch of extra synthesiser goodness.

Infinite Variety certainly lives up to its promise. This is a record that changes around whenever it wants and fortunately instead of it sounding like a 14 year old’s mixtape The Cathode Ray succeed it bringing it all together via very entertaining guitar riffs and similar vocal performances. It’s a very solid record from The Cathode Ray, and yeah, nice one lads. For more music reviews, free downloads and a touch of variety check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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