Hold My Home by Cold War Kids | Album Review

WHEN: 09.03.2015
WHERE: Downtown/Sony Red

Not gonna lie, being emailed and told about the new Cold War Kids record made me fangirl a tiny bit. The indie rock five piece return with their fifth studio album Hold My Home, and it is just as able to break through things just as much as their debut album Robbers & Cowards did way back in 2006.

The first thing to document is the tempo. It’s a tempo that is always bouncing, always ready to go. It’s the friend who’s always up for a night out, it’s the bladder that keeps you awake at night constantly wanting to pee, and boy, this album is just so…bladder. The drums are always on a constant high, and Cold War Kids’ expansive sound benefits so greatly from it. The guitar riffs chug their way through tracks like the opener All This Could Be Yours, Hot Coals and Hotel Anywhere forever enveloped in this constantly buzzing bubble, making them fly by. Fortunately the emotively driven sound of the band make sure to slap you in the face as the songs drive off, leaving a very hard hitting impression on you.

Lead single First is a wonderful little tune that really strives to get people living their dreams and using their passion to succeed into something beautiful. Piano chords are forced into the instrumentation alongside the hard hitting drums and guitar melodies that just sound heavenly, like tiny butterflies fluttering in the sky. If you’re not feeling amped up and ready to do something (I just cleaned my bedroom and did roughly 17 sit ups while listening to this song) because of this song then you’re doing music wrong dude. This is a great inspirational tune.

The title track somehow manages to hit harder than the rest as the drums seem to have taken a lot of steroids for this track. Goodness me do they hit hard, and Cold War Kids really let loose because of it. Guitar riffs are allowed to express themselves fully, creating some intense moments while some additional melodies are thrown in too. This was a very nice surprise to hear the band just go wild for a bit, and definitely felt like this is what the “always ready” tempo was leading up to.

Hold My Home is another solid effort from one of the most consistent bands around in Cold War Kids. It comes in swinging and leaves you smiling even after having your teeth knocked out, and also gets you feeling a little inspired because of how well-crafted it is. From beginning to end it maintains its pace, its energy and the songwriting remains on point too. Very decent record. For more music reviews, free downloads and blimeyyyy check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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