Steak N Eggs by Flamingo Bay | Album Review

WHEN: 21.04.2015

Oh my goodness we’re actually reviewing something that came out not that long ago. Flamingo Bay are a four piece band from Ontario which is in the greatest place in the world Canada and this is their newest album Steak N Eggs. Personally I’ve never tried steak with eggs, but I am quite partial to eggs and bakey. Wakey wakey. I believe we reviewed these guys years ago when Elusive Little Comments was a thing and yeah, welcome back guys. I hope you’ve been good, and I’ve missed you.

Flamingo Bay kick off Steak N Eggs with a seven minute epic in Culprit Of The Tahiti Pearl, which is crazy. Usually a kick blast to the face suffices but these guys introduce themselves and hand over their passwords instead. It’s cool. This track is full of energetic guitar riffs and numerous breakdowns with my personal favourite being the one that precedes a slightly bluesy interlude as it adds a whole other dimension to the sound and also sounds really fucking cool. It was a bold move to stick the longest track on your record right at the start but it paid off very well, nice one guys.

The shorter tracks also deliver some good old fashioned rock and roll as the likes of Checkout Line and Killer Flamingo Bay offer some fast-paced performances into ripping into some solid guitar riffs. Flamingo Bay also head into a grungier approach with the latter, offering a much grittier, distorted sound than the other songs on the album, which is pretty cool. There’s also a couple slowed down cuts involved too with tracks such as Blues Flute and Hate To Break It going for the hugs instead of the uppercuts to the head like the aforementioned songs do.

Steak N Eggs is a very solid record and proves Flamingo Bay are actually pretty good at what they do. This is an album that exceeds at coming in, playing some tunes and leaving but not without showing off varying amounts of skin beforehand. We get to witness Flamingo Bay at their heaviest, their most energetic and their most vulnerable too. Who hurt you Flamingo Bay? Who did this to you? Its okay, it makes for some serious bonding….I love you guys. For more music reviews, free downloads and a bloody naked hugging session check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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