Ol’ Glory by JJ Grey & Mofro | Album Review

WHEN: 02.03.2015
WHERE: Mascot Label Group

You know sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and listen to something that wants you to feel good, and not in a way that requires you to stay up until very late at night or after consuming a lot of alcohol. There’s music out there that’s designed purely to make you feel good, and music that displays not only you feeling good but also the people performing it too. That’s the impression I get when listening to JJ Grey & Mofro’s new album Ol’ Glory, it’s just a good time documented inside a record.

This wonderful record performs material that takes all the good elements from blues, jazz, folk and funk to condense it all into one sound that has technical ability going hard throughout, and simply astonishing me with superb riffs, melodies, harmonies and solos that gets me going weak at the knees. Seriously, just listening from the slow, heart-wrenching start of Every Minute towards the big booming finale complete with horns and the “loving every minute…” hook before the guitar kicks in with a sweet solo blows me away. It’s so good.

A Night To Remember easily lives up to its name as a walking bassline matches with a slinky guitar riff and rambling horns lay down a foundation for some sweet bluesy vocals which meander their way through the instrumentation perfectly. This is a fantastic track that reveals how solid these guys are at creating music as they chuck everything into it to make it become one hell of an entertaining listen. The guitar solo caps off and sets off Ol’ Glory’s defining moment as the closing half jam-esque section takes things to a whole other level.

Turn Loose gets the record shaking its hips with a simply slick guitar riff converting all instruments into silky smooth gangsters, whereas Brave Lil’ Fighter delivers a catchy blues rock vibe that could get The Black Keys jealous. Home In The Sky features an intro that is devilishly sexy but turns into a great inspirational listen, and the title track is just something else entirely. Goodness me, I would love to walk down the streets with this track playing and suddenly have the best day in existence.

Ol’ Glory is a wonderful album that should leave you feeling good as the sun is hot. It’s a fantastic display of superb craftsmanship, technical ability and the result is clear as we have twelve songs that all sound really freakin’ good. I cannot help but have a smile on my face when listening to this record; it’s just so darn good. For more music reviews, free downloads and YESSSS check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.

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