Songs That Go Nowhere by Caterwaulrus | EP Review

WHEN: 19.02.2015

Okay it’s currently really late in the evening and I am definitely hitting 3/4s of very tired right now, but I have found the perfect soundtrack for this warranted but highly stupid notion of not going to bed. Way back in February (this is the last piece of music to be inside the February section of our backlog, hooray!) Caterwaulrus released a new EP called Songs That Go Nowhere, and with its knack of producing some very elusive psychedelic sounds, it is THE EP to listen to, step into, and merge with at this time of night.

The solo project of John Michael Sherry boasts a sound that is tremendously expansive, and could easily fit about another four or five band members inside if it needed to. It’s a sound that is so easy going, and relaxed enough to not even care if it’s met a purpose, keeping in tune with its quota to go nowhere. Opening track and very longly worded Music Is Like An Old Friend And Should Be Greeted With Open Arms is a wonderous escape into a luscious atmosphere complete with repeated vocal loops, crackling feedback, rippling percussion and synths that spread out as far as all the oceans in the world. The result is something that can be only described as really rather good.

Personal highlight When You’re Around is quite possibly the summerest song to ever exist. Its light-hearted instrumental is made extra sunnier by the lo-fi psychedelic movement that influences the vocal takes and the upbeat acoustic chords, laying down a very pleasant foundation for many extra noises and sounds that altogether creates six minutes of pure bliss and summery goodness. The added riffs and melodies just make this track extra special; it truly is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

Closing track Rain: A Song That Goes Nowhere wraps up the EP with not only a friendly reminder of its title but also providing one final performance from something that has been great from start to finish. The slowed down tempo allows all of the layers of sound to be heard clearly, and while the track retains all of the quirky goodness of the previous material, it converts it into one lovely farewell as it does everything from saying goodbye to leaving a wonderful lasting impression in our hearts.

Songs That Go Nowhere is a wonderful EP and easily a great reason to stay up late for. All six tracks deliver something that isn’t necessarily heard elsewhere, and certainly leaves us impressed and wanting more. This EP warrants multiple listens regardless of the time of day, and will always leave you feeling good. For more music reviews, free downloads and I’m so very tired check out Exploding Head Syndrome on Facebook and Twitter.


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